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USA Basketball Selects Grant Hill As Managing Director

He will replace Jerry Colangelo in the role after the Tokyo Olympics are concluded.

NBRPA Legends Conference Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Following the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, USA Basketball has selected NBA Hall of Famer Grant Hill to take over for Jerry Colangelo as the men’s national team managing director, as Colangelo is retiring, reports the Associated Press. Grant was a part of the gold-winning Olympic team in 1996. Hill reflected on the chance to be a part of Team USA once more.

“It’s just an incredible opportunity, also an incredible challenge,” Hill said Saturday. “I had the good fortune of participating in international play — the Pan American Games, of course the Olympic team — and I have been a fan of Team USA going back to the 1984 Olympic team when I first started to fall in love with basketball. The more I thought about it, the more intrigued, excited and the more willing I was to roll up my sleeves and move forward with this awesome responsibility.”

Hill said that he plans on shadowing Colangelo closely in Tokyo.

“I intend to spend an incredible amount of time with Jerry, shadow him some this summer, and I think that experience will certainly help as we move forward,” Hill said. “He’s just an invaluable resource and has done a remarkable job, so you can’t help but learn from someone like Jerry.”

Though Hill only won one gold medal with Team USA, he was a part of the college scrimmage squad brought in to play the Dream Team in 1992, where the college team beat the best of the best.

“We had a good moment,” Hill said. “That experience — having a chance to practice with, learn from, spend time with arguably the greatest team ever assembled — it wasn’t a formal even with a medal ceremony and the like, but it certainly was a pivotal moment for me and my development and my growth as a player.”

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