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Should the Blazers Shut Down Lillard for the Season?

On that latest episode of the Blazer’s Edge Podcast, host Danny Marang sifts through the aftermath of the Trail Blazers’ most-recent losing streak.

Boston Celtics v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, host Danny Marang takes listener questions after the Blazers went 0-4 during a four-game stint at the Moda Center. That run has triggered a drop out of the No. 6 spot and the Blazers have conceded the tie-breaker to Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies in the process. All of that has set up a six-game roaad trip that will likely define Portland’s 2020-21 season.

In regards to pressing issues, Danny details how Damian Lillard’s recent struggles could warrant an extended stint of rest. Looking forward, can the Blazers do enough before the offseason to win over looming free agent Norman Powell? Come on in and commiserate, this is a safe place.



Opening comments

Fire & brimstone!

Blazers drop all four games at home, lose tie breaker with Grizzlies

Can this team do anything to redeem themselves this season? 2:30

Is there any fight left in this team? 4:00

The little bit of good: Jusuf Nurkic & Norman Powell 6:00

Damian Lillard doesn’t look right

This is the most selfish brand of basketball I’ve seen from this team 7:30

This iteration of the Blazers have run it’s course 10:30

Listener Questions!

Brandon Goldner


Why is Olshey not accountable for having LMA be the best player Dame has ever played with?

Colin Petitt


Danny this season is giving me major flash backs of the lockout season. Looking ahead I don’t see how we end as the 9 or 10 seed and end up in the lottery. Beyond Dame who’s untouchable this off season?

Sam Pierce


Dame is so bad on defense you have to surround him with as many plus defenders for as many of his minutes as you can, seems fairly obvious but our front office hasn’t made it happen.



Always be in the playoffs if you can. I see why people say otherwise but play hardest and see what happens. We are a small market, a lot of fans engage in wishful thinking about trades and free market. We can only do so much. Keep it realistic and thank God everyday for Dame!

Bryan Strang


What’s going on with Lillard? I get we can’t always expect Hercules every game, but he hasn’t been looking too hot. Lingering injuries? Defense?

Josh Dolar (he/him)


Is there anything that the team could do in the regular season that would convince you they wouldn’t be an easy out in the playoffs?

Brian Cruz


Can we go back to our original lineup? Dame, CJ, DJJ, ROCO and NURK?



What are the Blazers chances of resigning Norm, with how the team is currently playing? I really love his game style.

Jason Taylor


Do you think Covington will hit the rim on his next 3-pointer?



The regression is worrisome. It feels as though Stotts has lost all direction for this team, and I doubt we make it out of the play-in tournament. Everyone is playing hero-ball, and we no longer look like a cohesive team. Roco and DJJ seem to be getting less touches/minutes, too.

David Herrera


Blazers guard play of Dame and CJ has been their biggest strength but it’s also their biggest weakness.

Neither one is a good defender, they think score 1st, they aren’t effective without the ball, and they both take Ill advised shots too often and aren’t efficient.

Trail Blazer Stan


At this point it’s weird to say but shouldn’t we hope the blazers either miss the playoffs or have a dud in the first round? It’s obvious change is needed and I think to continue to lose this badly needs to happen to make the changes

Dave Myers


Just discuss the validity of this take:


You know they saying? Less is sometimes more. Since getting Norman Powell, there seems to be chemistry issues in Portland.. and to make matters worse, Gary Trent Jr has been cooking like fish grease in Toronto! Carry on....

Asher Sosh


Is this the most disappointing team so far in the Lillard era?



Why do you think so many fans think Stotts is the #1 issue? Do you think another coach could take this roster further than the WCF? Seems like the GM is the bigger problem.

Closing comments