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Ben Golliver Discusses Blazers, COVID, and His New Book: “Bubbleball”

Golliver joins old pal Dave Deckard to talk about his new book, the Blazers, and the end of the 2020 season.

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On a special episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, Ben Golliver of the Washington Post joins old pal Dave Deckard to discuss Ben’s new book, “Bubbleball: Inside the NBA’s Fight to Save the Season”. The book chronicles Ben’s time spent in the NBA Bubble in Orlando last season. It details negotiations leading up to the season renewal, traces the strains of thought behind decision-making, and includes plenty of personal anecdotes and quotes from players and everyone else involved. The book releases on May 4th. You can pre-order on Barnes & Noble, at Powell’s, or Amazon.

Of course Dave and Ben also discuss the Blazers—past and present—and a little bit about Blazer’s Edge itself. Whenever these two get together, it’s well worth a listen!


Intro 3:30

Framing the Bubble 6:30

Explaining how/why and the day-to-day 8:00

The success of the bubble 11:30

The experiment itself and how it’s not repeatable 15:00

Looking at players as people and the spark points in the bubble 19:00

The idea of community and spaces 22:00

Live testing theory and viewing personal relationships 27:00

Being in the middle of more than just a practice but among the players/coaches 30:00

Living in a bubble with people on top of you but not being able to interact 33:00

What was at stake for various franchises, including the Blazers 35:00

The storylines worked out and couldn’t have been better 40:00

Is Damian Lillard the greatest Trail Blazer ever? 42:00

The most trustworthy players in the NBA 49:00

Why are the Blazers still in the same place as they were 5 years ago? 51:00

Get your copy of Ben’s book at:

Powell’s City of Books

Barnes & Noble