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What Does the Future Hold for Coach Stotts & The Blazers?

Is coach Terry Stotts feeling the heat in Portland?

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, host Danny Marang answers listener questions following the the Portland Trail Blazers’ loss to the short-handed Charlotte Hornets. Marang touches on the overall “vibe” of the team right now, potential internal struggles, how hot is Coach Terry Stotts’ seat, and how the Blazers can retain Norman Powell in the offseason. Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete Marang-infused podcast without a little CJ McCollum trade talk.



Opening Comments


Bradstreet Racing


I understand your not a fire TS guy, but my issue is with FA’s usually not wanting to come to PDX unless traded here or being a Melo type situation. The Blazers need to develop our younger players and he (Stotts) just refuses to give them consistent run and keep them involved even when they struggle.

Joseph Steckmann


Can you talk us off the ledge, or are the Blazers doomed to either miss the playoffs or get crushed in the first round?



This team cannot lose a game like this in this way and be considered serious playoff contenders. I have no explanation why but they are seriously underachieving right now.



If POR were to trade CJ in the offseason, what kind of team would benefit from getting him (even if they sent back less value)? It seems most teams in the NBA with Cap Space are in full rebuild mode and CJ probably doesn’t help them in the ways they want right now.

Trail Blazer Stan


Serious question. Would missing the playoffs be what the blazers organization needs to do to make either an office move or coaching move or some major shift in how they play?



Why did Derrick Jones get benched?

Did Portland hurt their flexibility by promising Melo to not be benched even when he’s hurting us on defense?

All Good


The Playoffs start tomorrow, name your preferred 8-man rotation. Who would you put on the floor?

At this point I’m very unsure who I’d put out there myself, and I get the sense that the team/Stotts isn’t sure either. Seems like they’ve been trying a lot of rotations.

Zachary Jeans


What are the chances that they (the Blazers) put Tibbetts in charge for the rest of the season and send Stotts on an early Summer vacation?

Clay Hardy


I got no questions left. Just anger!



Is this team partying before some of these games or what?

Jeremy Krecklow


In your opinion whats the best possible move Blazers can make this offseason. We have talked about CJ for Ingram being possible. What other player do you think/want them to go for that feels plausible. Obviously Beal or KAT can become available, but not possible without major help.



I am wondering which player would be a better fit along the side of Dame, going into the next season... CJ or Norm?

Closing Comments