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NBA & NBPA Discussing Events for Proposed All-Star Festivities

According to The New York Times NBA columnist Marc Stein, the NBA and NBPA are discussing the potential for multiple All-Star Game festivities next month.

Verizon Slam Dunk Contest 2017 Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The NBA and NBPA are holding discussions that could lead to a fairly traditional set of festivities at next month’s proposed All-Star Game in Atlanta, GA. According to The New York Times NBA columnist Marc Stein, the two parties are working off momentum that started to gain traction last week.

Stein’s first message on social media outlined the potential for both dunk and three-point competitions.

The NBA and the players union are discussing the addition of both a dunk and 3-point contest to the proposed All-Star Game in Atlanta on the weekend of March 6-7 that the sides have been negotiating, sources say.

He went on to explain how the NBA and NBPA arrived at this point in the negotiation.

Talks are ongoing for the full scope of what a revised All-Star 2021 would entail, but momentum was clearly building last week for an All-Star Game to take place in Atlanta — home to the TV rightsholder Turner Sports — that would require participants to be there March 6-7.

According to the reports, the proposed All-Star Game is set to unfold in the early portion of March.