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The Race to Fill the Blazers’ Power Vacuum

The Church of Roy podcast is back to discuss the aftermath of Neil Olshey’s firing and how the Blazers can move forward.

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Denver Nuggets v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Church of Roy podcast is back to discuss all the latest news and rumors surrounding the Trail Blazers. In this episode, hosts Brian Wilcox and Steve Dewald detail the aftermath of Neil Olshey’s exit. From the power vacuum that was created, to Damian Lillard’s future in Portland, this episode has you covered.

Brian and Steve kick things off with a discussion surrounding Olshey’s legacy. Will he become a footnote inside Lillard’s storied run in Portland? Or will Olshey headline his own chapter of the Blazers’ history?

Lillard’s future took center stage in main segment of this episode. Brian is optimistic that Olshey’s exit could lead to a better relationship between Lillard and the Blazers organization. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Steve is concerned that this current run of instability opens the door for a potential, and justified, trade request.

In the final segment, Steve and Brian highlight CJ McCollum’s comments in a recent feature from The Athletic’s Jason Quick. Trade speculation can be entertaining, but McCollum’s comments stand as reminder of the human side of NBA transactions.

You can download this episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.