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Report: Blazers Have Not Contacted Danny Ainge For President Vacancy

A surprise omission on the list.

Portland Trail Blazers v Washington Bullets

When it was announced that Neil Olshey would be fired as president of basketball operations, former Celtics president and Blazers player Danny Ainge seemed like a natural fit.

Ainge has ties with the organization, shown success in other places as president, and would align with the organization’s prerogative to remain competitive and build a championship contender around Damian Lillard.

However, according to NBC Sports Northwest’s Dwight Jaynes, the Blazers have yet to reach out to Ainge.

As of now, Joe Cronin is serving as the interim general manager, and there is no exact timetable of when Olshey’s replacement will be named.

Several general managers across the league, including Chicago Bulls GM Marc Eversley and New York Knicks GM Scott Perry, have been linked to the opening, but chances are that the Blazers will take their time to extensively find as many candidates possible.

This could mean that Ainge eventually does receive consideration, but as of now, he is not in the cards.

What do you think, Blazer’s Edge community? Would you hire Ainge or would you go in a different direction? Chime off in the comments below!