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Lillard Reflects On Addition of G-League Players

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime regardless of how long it lasts.”

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Soobum Im/Getty Images

Following the loss to the Utah Jazz, Portland Trail Blazers’ point guard Damian Lillard reflected on the addition of personnel in recent days due to several players being in COVID-19 health and safety protocols, saying how he wants to provide a positive experience for the players called up from the G-League.

“It’s the first time, you know, being called up and that’s a blessing for them. You know, it’s a great opportunity and you know I think the first day that they got here it was like, you know, I could be upset and frustrated that our team is going through this, but you know, I put myself in their shoes, you know, they’re getting their first opportunity, they’re excited, and they’re looking forward to it, you know. This is all of our dreams, when we really start to really commit ourselves to this game, and you know, I feel like my role was to, you know, embrace them and welcome them, you know, and realize that this is the opportunity of a lifetime regardless of how long it lasts, you know. They’re going to be able to say, I played in the NBA, you know, I was in the locker room with Dame, and I want that experience to be a positive experience...

...You never know how long it’s going to last. You never know if this could be it, or you know, maybe this is what creates another opportunity for them, but you want to have a positive impact on that and you want them to have a great experience and also just realize that this is somebody’s dream happening.”

Reggie Perry and Cameron McGriff both saw significant minutes in the loss to the Jazz, while Brandon Williams and Jarron Cumberland played at the end of the game.