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Share Your Trail Blazers Christmas Wishes

Portland needs a lot of help from Santa this year. What one thing would you wish for them?

NBA: DEC 20 Mavericks at Clippers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers fans are getting an extended vacation from games this Christmas. COVID-19 took out the Blazers-Nets contest last Thursday. Portland is not on the NBA Christmas Day schedule and won’t play again until Monday when they (hopefully) face the Dallas Mavericks.

But even when the Blazers aren’t playing, they’re not far from our hearts. So on this Christmas Day, amid the other posts, we want to stop and ask what Christmas Wish you’d make for the team. A 13-19 record leaves a lot of room for help in Santa’s bag. If you could ask for one thing for your favorite squad, what would it be?

Let’s make a little bit of a guiding rule here. The easy thing to wish for would be an NBA Championship. OK, granted, that’s the ultimate goal, but Santa would be messing over 29 other teams if he stuffed that down Portland’s chimney. Saint Nick is not David Stern. He doesn’t do that kind of thing.

If a title is your aim, you’d wish for the single thing most likely to lead the Blazers to that end. You’re not restricted to wishing for a ring, though. You can make any single, tangible wish you want!

Share below, have fun, and Merry Christmas!