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Jacked Ramsays Post Game: Blazers Vs Spurs

One of the most disappointing losses of the last few years gets the Danny-Brandon treatment.

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San Antonio Spurs v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Trail Blazers dropped only their second home game of the season, falling to the San Antonio Spurs 114-83. While missing Damian Lillard and Nassir Little, the Blazers also lost the services of Anfernee Simons early on to a sprained ankle - exacerbating issues that were already apparent. The Blazers couldn’t score NOR could they stop the Spurs. It was a problem.

The Spurs, one of the worst three point team in the league on volume AND percentage went bonkers in the first half, going 11-23 from behind the line. Now, if this was just shooter’s luck you take it in stride but the Blazers have made a habit of this all season long. It’s becoming who they are - the team that everyone looks forward to playing because you know that you’ll get your comfortable looks and be able to find a groove if you need to.

Tonight, it was Jakob Poeltl who blew up the Blazers on defense and “name a Spur” who got what they wanted on offense. Lo-and-behold, the Blazers without matching the Spurs on any level, succumb at home to the many bites of the Spurs’ snake.

Join Danny Marang and Brandon Sprague as they try to break down this snake bitten team one bite at a time.

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