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Jacked Ramsays Pregame: Blazers vs. Spurs

Can the Blazers keep it going at home? Danny and Brandon talk about that and more.

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San Antonio Spurs v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Cameron Browne/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers have an opportunity to get back above the .500 line tonight as they take on the San Antonio Spurs in Portland, where the Blazers have only dropped one game this season.

While the comfy confines of home have done wonders for the Blazers this year, tonight they’ll be without Damian Lillard for the second straight game and for at least the next 10 days when he’ll be evaluated and assessed again. The Blazers will also be missing Nassir Little for at least a week with a sprained ankle, while it’s unclear at writing whether or not Norman Powell will give it a go after missing a couple games with a contusion to his leg.

The Spurs present an opportunity for the Blazers in that they’re better than the Detroit Pistons but not dangerous enough to really inflict long lasting pain. Think of handling snakes, there’s various levels of venom — you don’t want to get bitten by the Spurs snake, but you’ll survive. However, let it bite you over and over again and well, it’s your funeral.

Join hosts Danny Marang and Brandon Sprague as they get you ready for tonight’s action.

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