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NBA Postpones More Games as COVID Cases Rise Around The League

Cases are on the rise and it’s beginning to affect the NBA once again.

Denver Nuggets v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Four Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

COVID-19 continues to rear its ugly head around the NBA.

With a record number of players in health & safety protocols, the NBA has postponed three games scheduled for Sunday evening: New Orleans Pelicans vs. Philadelphia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks, and Denver Nuggets vs. Brooklyn Nets.

The NBA has also postponed Monday’s meeting between the Orlando Magic and Toronto Raptors, as well as Tuesday’s meeting between the Washington Wizards and Nets.

Games are postponed when a team cannot field eight healthy players to play. Outbreaks have occurred within the Cavaliers, 76ers, Nets, Bucks and Magic, where a number of players have been ruled out.

The Magic signed four G-League players ahead of Friday’s meeting against the Miami Heat to prevent the game from being postponed.

For Portland Trail Blazers fans, this becomes important to note because the Nets are scheduled to visit the Moda Center Thursday. The game has yet to be postponed, but the league is hoping that the Nets will be able to play that game. However, if they fail to make enough progress within the coming days, the game might be moved.