Sure we could take Marvin but we won’t pay his qualifying offer.

We’d also not have a legit rim protector - it’s a playoff fail :(

This could work:

Philly should be starting to realize CJ is by far the best offer on the table with Ben’s value in the gutter and headed down the river. John Wall can be of use to the Magic mentoring Suggs/Fultz/Anthony and live it up under the sun. Rockets would have the room to chance it on Bagley(or not and clear $30M+ cap next year). Kings keep their core and get Ben Simmons at an affordable price. Blazers could pay Mo and Ant’s bags next year w/o Tristan/Elleby/Snell/SmithJr(maybe Cov takes less to stick around, he seems to really like Dame). Dodging the repeater, Blazers can go deep into the LuxTax for Wood. We’d have our future with Mitchell/Simons/Little/Brown/Bamba. After the trade, Starters: Dame/Norm/Cov/Wood/Bamba. 2nd unit: Davion/Ant/Nas/Nance/Zeller (the two units could split a lot of time under Chauncey’s full throttle schemes) Garbage unit: Smith/Snell/Brown/Thompson/Jones. I think this roster would be competitive this year and definitely in years to come as the new guys gel and the young ones improve. It would cost us a fortune as the years go by but such is life trying to chase titles in the NBA.