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Poll Attributes Lillard’s Shooting Slump to Randomness, New System

SBNation Reacts asked the nation why Damian Lillard is struggling. Most folks say, “No big deal!”

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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Last week SBNation Reacts polled Blazers fans and NBA observers across the country, asking what they thought the cause of Damian Lillard’s shooting slump might be. For reference, Lillard has started the season shooting .351 from the field, .247 from the three-point arc. The Blazers have only played 10 games, but but rates are career lows by a large margin. By comparison, Lillard shot .451 and .391 last season, differences of .100 from the field and .156 from the arc. His 18.5 points per game would also register as a career low if extended over a whole season. Assists are up significantly for Dame, but everything else has been slipping.

The poll offered four suggestions: Randon Hiccup, Adjusting to a New System, Physical Issues, and Age.

43% of respondents thought the slump was random and temporary. 37% cited adjusting to the new system. Only 14% suggested physical issues were to blame and just 7% attributed Lillard’s performance to advancing age.

Do you agree with the poll? Or is there a reason not cited that you think plays into Lillard’s early-season numbers?

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