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Rumors: Could Ben Simmons Be Heading to Boston?

Another Ben Simmons destination appears to be popping up, and it isn’t Portland this time.

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Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

The Ben Simmons saga continues as a new report surfaces this morning stating that the Boston Celtics are in conversation with the 76ers about a possible trade.

Shams Charania reports for The Athletic that if a deal is reached, it would have to include All-Star forward Jaylen Brown.

Even though we are only three weeks into the season, it’s been a long one for Simmons, who is currently battling with his team over his mental health and ability to play, according to The Athletic.

The three-time All-Star met with 76ers coach Doc Rivers, co-star Joel Embiidand the entire team on Oct. 22 and informed them all that he is not mentally ready to play yet and that he needs time to get his mind right. Simmons told them in the meeting that everyone bears responsibility for the situation, including himself. Simmons requested a trade from the 76ers in June following a Game 7 loss to the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference semifinals after Rivers and Embiid made critical public comments about Simmons.

While Simmons is not currently being fined, the team is reportedly frustrated and could go back to fining him regularly for the time he’s missing if he doesn’t provide more details as to his course of action and the timeline for his current mental health.

Team officials say they have sought a good faith effort from Simmons to help understand his return to action process, not the specifics of his mental health guidance, but claim that has not happened. Simmons, meanwhile, is not obligated to share details of his work with mental wellness professionals.

Ben Simmons has recently been more active with the team, but the organization continues to push for more details, while Simmons seems hesitant to divulge them. The National Basketball Players Association has stood behind Simmons throughout the process.

One NBPA source told The Athletic that as long as Simmons has provided his team with the basic information regarding mental health professionals with whom he’s seeking help, Philadelphia should not have grounds for salary withholding.

As the season progresses, and 76ers GM Daryl Morey continues to hold out hope for a high price for the point guard, the organization and Ben Simmons seem to continue to find themselves at a stalemate.

With the Sixers coming to Portland in a few weeks, it is beginning to look more likely that the team will not have Simmons when it faces the Portland Trail Blazers on November 20.