Junk Drawer: 11/07/2021

I don’t have anything planned for this junk drawer. I had written another one, but the new system glitched, when I tried to post it and erased everything I wrote. It was basically just about how our Halloween went, and how I did a horror movie challenge for October (it was harder than I thought it would be). I’ll link my Letterboxd list below.

Besides my day job, I have been busy putting together a pitch deck for one of my scripts. My actor friend, who has wanted to produce it for a long time (and may direct it), has gotten some momentum from his appearance on the second season of Outer Banks and has landed a couple of big movies. So he finally decided to hire a manager (he already had an agent) because he has a lot of things happening, and she wanted a pitch deck put together for some of the projects he wants to do. To help with the pitch deck we have been, and our friends & family too, shoot quick little videos. So that’s been fun.

Anyways, here’s the link to my horror movie challenge:

This was for you Hoodie!