Other Theories: 1) Changing habits is easier after giving up on the old ones.

-Some ask "they're 10 yrs into their individually successful ($$$, stats) careers, so can they really change?". Heck yes! -With understanding the current way is flawed, letting-go more completely aids the transition to a new model. Terrible results against weak teams like the last 2 games may help in the long run?! -With desire of success, (the individuals desire are not in question here, nor the management imo) that burn adds motivation. -With inspiration from examples of success in making the surrounding players better (Jason Kidd/Mavs, Stockton/Jazz, Billups/Pistons, Nash/Suns .. each are All-NBA 1st teamers, 6-4 and less who averaged less than 16 pnts/game yet high shooting efficiency), the adoption of the improved model is realized.

2) Sensing team mates on the field for efficient production in transition type sports (soccer/hockey/basketball ...) requires experience and time. Where spacing is essential throughout the overall team motions, chalkboard talks only go so far. A high degree of emperical activity (games) are mandatory, in addition to practice. In soccer it take no less than a full year for teams with new talent or new formation to gel.

3) Ball movement and assists are as important to team success as the basket, in transition sports especially. Improved touches lead to team unity. The 76ers and Cavs proved directly that a roster with lesser talent/experience can subdue the opponent with team play. The lack of ball movement and assists lead to overall poor shooting efficiency. There is a synergy that can happen with teams that is tangible by the players in team sports when you know that the sum is greater than the parts. And the result can be that even the high expectations the players have of themselves is exceeded. I assume that we have all experienced something like this when participating on teams of all kinds, including work teams, family, organizations.

Note: When coach Popovich was asked "when did he realize that Kawhi was a great talent". He answered: When Kawhi understood that the basket he had just made was a "team basket", not a Kawhi basket.

Other theories anyone ..?