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NBA Social Justice Coalition Releases Statement on Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

The league has released a statement.

Jury Deliberates In Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Photo by Sean Krajacic - Pool/Getty Images

Following the aftermath of the Kyle Rittenhouse ruling in Kenosha, Wisconsin, National Basketball Social Justice Coalition Executive Director James Cadogan released a statement:

“Our thoughts are with the families of those whose lives were taken in this tragedy. The right to peacefully protest is a bedrock of our democracy and the National Basketball Social Justice Coalition remains committed to preserving that right for all. Any forms of vigilantism in our society are unacceptable.”

Rittenhouse shot three people and killed two in a counter-protest following the arrest of Kenosha man Jacob Blake.

In the aftermath of Blake’s arrest, the Milwaukee Bucks led a league-wide protest during the NBA Playoffs taking place at Disney’s Wide World of Sports in Orlando.

Portland Trail Blazers guard and National Basketball Players Association president CJ McCollum tweeted out his personal thoughts regarding Rittenhouse’s “not guilty” verdict.

McCollum is one of many players voicing their opinion on social media following the trial’s verdict. It remains to be seen if the NBA and its players will take further response in the aftermath of Rittenhouse’s acquittal.

As we sometimes do with issues that are larger than basketball, we’ve decided to let the voice of the NBA Social Justice Coalition hold the floor, closing the comment section for this post.