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Watching Blazers’ Preseason Games: What Are You Looking For?

There’s a lot to keep your eyes on before the regular season starts, and Danny Marang gets into it on the latest episode of Jacked Ramsays.

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2021-22 Portland Trail Blazers Media Day Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

On this episode, host Danny Marang answers your questions leading up to the first preseason game of the year for the Portland Trail Blazers versus the Golden State Warriors.

How can you measure an overachieving team vs an underachieving Blazers team this year? What does that bar look like? Has Jusuf Nurkic backed himself into a corner with his public posturing and commentary about feeling underutilized? What do you believe in more: Damian Lillard playing less, Jusuf Nurkic playing more, or Nassir Little having a break out year? What does the preseason record look like and how much should we overreact?

And finally, how do you watch preseason basketball: what is it that you’re looking for and/or watching throughout the game? Are you watching Lillard and CJ McCollum or are you watching off-ball at Larry Nance Jr. and Cody Zeller? Tune in and find out!

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