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Jacked Ramsays Go 1-On-1 With Nassir Little

Hear from Portland’s young forward about the team, his own play, and views on basketball.

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Phoenix Suns v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

On a special 1-on-1 episode of Jacked Ramsays, host Danny Marang is joined by Trail Blazers wing Nassir Little! With a win over the Phoenix Suns and losses to the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Clippers the Blazers have gotten off to an uneven start, we asked Nassir about returning to some normalcy of an 82 game season, breaking down a play against the Clippers, learning how to be physical and develop a reputation as an impactful & physical defender, accepting that he belongs in the NBA, how he watches basketball games in his off time and more!

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Xs and Os


We had a single play for Nas to break down his defensive assignment against Paul George and the Clippers - less important was the result of the play, instead we focused on process and had Nas walk us through the who, what, when, where and why of the possession - how & what they discussed in the film room on this play and how his responsibilities evolve when having to defend actions like this.


How difficult are sets like this to cover?


How do you watch basketball games - what are you looking for?


Did it take you a while to learn or accept that you could defend NBA players?


What is it like to know you’re going to have primary defensive assignments every night?


How difficult is it to build that resume to be physical at the point of attack defensively?


You knocked down a 3 against the Suns and you let out a scream - what were you thinking in that moment?


What is the difference between being the energy guy in the starting lineup as opposed to coming off the bench?


What’s something that you haven’t been able to show in your game yet that you want to show?


Is the transition game where you have the green light?


Tell us about the Nassir Little Youth Foundation


Do you still have the Beanie Baby we gave you your rookie year?