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Blazer’s Edge Radio: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Tune-in at 1 p.m. on XRAY FM as the guys recap an eventful first week of the regular season.

Portland Trail Blazers v LA Clippers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Blazer’s Edge Radio hits the air live at 1 p.m. PT today on XRAY FM. The show can be accessed in the Portland area at 107.1 FM or worldwide online at This week, the guys recap an eventful first week of Blazer basketball, as the team opened the regular season with an up-and-down start. While the unexpected blowout against the Phoenix Suns was certainly the highlight, three bad quarters against the Sacramento Kings and Monday’s debacle against the Los Angeles Clippers show the team still has a long way to go to meet their goals.

The emergence of Nassir Little will also be discussed, along with Damian Lillard’s sluggish start and top storylines from around the NBA.

Blazer’s Edge staff writer Ryne Buchanan and local musician Sam Arnold host the program, which airs every Tuesday during the NBA season. Listener interaction is encouraged! Fans can chime-in with their thoughts via the XRAY text line at 971-220-5979.

Archived versions of the show are available here.