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Jacked Ramsays Postgame Show: Blazers 86’d by Clippers

Brandon and Danny watch the Blazers go boom.

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Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Clippers

Join host Danny Marang to relive... no... to commiserate over Monday night’s absolute thumping of the Trail Blazers by the Los Angeles Clippers, 116-86.

It’s a night for burning the tape, having a laugh and moving onto the next. Remember, there’s still 79 of these things, you have to pace yourself. Damian Lillard still looks like he’s hampered, Jusuf Nurkic looked like a hamper, CJ McCollum tried to will some shots, no one REALLY cared to play defense, the ball was clearly covered in avocado oil (only when the Blazers had it), and Cody Zeller is not going to make it to the All Star break let alone finish the season in one piece at this point.

So hop in, have some laughs, let all the bad stuff go and realize that it doesn’t get any easier as a VERY good Memphis Grizzlies team comes to Portland Wednesday night featuring a red-hot Ja Morant and if Portland doesn’t push this game off a cliff they could be down 1-3 through their first 4 games.

Tap in!

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