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Which Version of the Blazers Will Take Hold?

In this mailbag edition of Jacked Ramsays, Danny and Brandon answer fan questions.

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Phoenix Suns v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

On this mailbag episode of the Jacked Ramsays, Danny Marang and Brandon Sprague take on your questions after the Portland Trail Blazers played two very different games against the Sacramento Kings and the Phoenix Suns that may have raised more questions than they answered.

Many have been left wondering which version of the Trail Blazers is closer to the one we might see this year: A more listless effort against a middling team like the Kings that saw the Blazers look much like they did in preseason — mixed in with explosive scoring from CJ McCollum — or is it the team that had the Phoenix Suns down by 30-plus points early in the 4th quarter and saw coach Monty Williams wave the white flag of defeat with more than 10 minutes remaining in the game?

One common thread through both games is clear; CJ McCollum has heard all of the talk about where he stands in the NBA and he’s come out swinging, leading Portland in scoring both games while being incredibly efficient. Naturally, we were asked whether this year is the year for CJ McCollum to be an All-Star?

Beyond that, there are questions about the prowess of the bench unit, an update on Norman Powell’s injury, and the guys discuss Nassir Little possibly stepping into the starting lineup. That and more on this episode!

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