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What are the Best and Worst Case Scenarios This Season?

In this edition of Jacked Ramsays, Danny and Brandon look ahead at the season and expectations.

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Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

It’s a quasi-season preview-slash-mailbag episode of Jacked Ramsays where hosts Danny Marang and Brandon Sprague answer your questions and take a look some likely or unlikely team and player scenarios about the Portland Trail Blazers.

Will Damian Lillard continue taking the shots he has taken in the past (volume-wise)? Will CJ McCollum be the one to cede way for others? Will everyone who was promised a larger role (Norman Powell, Jusuf Nurkic, Anfernee Simons and Nassir Little) get one? What kind of production do you expect from Jusuf Nurkic and at what point is it good enough (or not enough) for you to feel comfortable? With injuries set aside what are the best and worst case scenarios for this year’s team? What expectations do you have for Larry Nance Jr. on the floor and in the box score? So many questions and so little time before the Trail Blazers kick off their season, but Danny and Brandon do their best to answer as many as they can before the season tips off!

What is your best and worst case scenario? Is the Larry O’Brien in reach? Is the team broken up and sold off for parts at the deadline? How grand or disastrous are you thinking?

Let us know and hop in the pre- and post-game shows hosted here on Blazer’s Edge each and every game night!