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Jacked Ramsays Live: Should You Be Worried?

Are the Blazers in trouble, or is it too soon to tell?

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Portland Trail Blazers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Hosts Danny Marang and Brandon Sprague take a look at the first 3 preseason games, all losses but does that really matter? How has the offense looked with the starting group all out on the floor - the vaunted “3-guard lineup” featuring Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, Norman Powell, Robert Covington and Jusuf Nurkic?

What, if anything, can we take from individual and/or team performance in the preseason? What are the positives... are they there? What are the expectations to start the season - with games that count less than a week away, should there be space allowed for things to be worked out? If it’s not a product of the roster, how long should they be given to iron things out?

Finally, Marang and Sprague make predictions that will in no way, shape, matter or form come back to bite them for: Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, Most Improved, 6th Man of the Year, Finals participants and more.

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