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Blazers Throwing Up Bat Signal for Damian Lillard

A 3-4 start has left Portland reeling. What do they do now?

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Your appetite for Portland Trail Blazers podcasts is about to be fulfilled, because the latest episode of Dave and Dia is here! The dynamic duo recorded the show immediately after the Blazers lost to the Chicago Bulls, nearing or past midnight. What does Sleepy Dia sound like? Will her optimism prevail, or does she turn into a realist as the clock strikes 12? What does this season start mean for Terry Stotts and his ability to right the ship? We also talk about CJ McCollum, the difference between championship teams and everybody else, the blessed centrality of Damian Lillard, Portland’s center corps, and much, much more.

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When you’re done with all that, go ahead and answer the central question of the podcast in the comments below: How has a 3-4 start affected your perception of the season and Portland’s chances to make noise in it? Do you think it’s still anybody’s game because the year is wacky or have the Blazers shown you enough that you’re ready to move on from contending aspirations?