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NBA Adopts Stricter Mask Policy

Starting today, the NBA will require dressed players on the bench to wear a mask until they enter the game.

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The NBA is rolling out an updated mask policy on Tuesday. Per the new protocol, dressed players on the bench must wear a mask until they enter the game. Associated Press contributor Tim Reynolds detailed the updated policy earlier today.

Among the new rules, which take effect Tuesday: players who are dressed for games and eligible to participate must wear a face mask until they enter the game, all players and coaches must wear face masks when outside the team environment if they are around other players and coaches, and players must report the names of any private trainer, therapist, chiropractor or other specialist who they work with outside of the team facility.

Reynolds went on to highlight what the policy suggests when a player returns to the bench and how the protocol resets at halftime.

Regarding the updated mask rules, a player who comes out of a game is not required — but strongly recommended, the league said — to put on a mask after returning to the bench area. The rules reset at halftime; players who aren’t in the game to start the third quarter need to wear masks until going into the game.

Inactive players and coaches must wear a mask throughout the duration of the game—a policy point that is unchanged by Tuesday’s update.

You can read the full report from Reynolds at the Associated Press.