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Who’s on Your Trail Blazers “Go Get ‘Em” List?

The Blazers need help. Who’s with the cavalry?

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The entire top of the Portland Trail Blazers’ roster has been decimated by injuries. No... “decimated” means one in ten falls. Portland’s roster has been omnimated by injuries at the start of the 2020-21 season. They’re down to playing Damian Lillard and former reserves. They need help.

Here’s a simple question for you, prompted by a conversation on Twitter today. Who’s on your Blazers “Go Get ‘Em” list? We’re talking about players whom they could reasonably sign or trade for makes you go, “Get him now!” These players may not change the fortune of the season (though they might), but at least they would help in some way or make the season more fun.

NBA writer Nathan Gottlieb suggested on Twitter that point guard Jeremy Lin belongs on this list.

Anyone who listens to the Dave and Dia podcast (shameless plug) knows that I’m in favor of the Blazers signing a point guard, but I’d also accept a trade for a big man. My favorite target, stemming from way back when he signed with the Golden State Warriors and continuing through this season, would be DeMarcus Cousins. I would also accept JaVale McGee, who has nowhere near Cousins’ multi-dimensional talent but sure would bring zing to the attack.

Add your player below! Stay away from stars and huge trades. This list is for unsigned players, other teams’ bench players, talents on middling teams or non-factors who might be available for the right price. Who’s your “Go Get ‘Em” player to spruce up the season?