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What A Negotiation For Gary Trent Jr. Could Look Like

Should the Blazers pursue Trent Jr. in restricted free agency? Danny Leroux of the Athletic examines the issue.

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Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Prior to the start of the NBA season, Gary Trent Jr. decided to test restricted free agency instead of negotiating a new contract with the Portland Trail Blazers, and Danny Leroux of the Athletic evaluates where that puts Trent Jr. in a piece examining a variety of extensions around the league.

This is a similar situation to Graham’s except that Trent has a smaller track record, largely due to decreased opportunity. This negotiation could ebb and flow over time because the two sides can agree at any point between now and when the league year turns over. Still, Trent may want to roll the dice on restricted free agency and may get more fuel for his fire if Terry Stotts continues to sit the bubble standout behind potentially inferior players as the season progresses.

Trent Jr. has missed the last two games with a calf strain following an electric performance against the Los Angeles Lakers in which he had 28 points in 24 minutes of play.

You can read the whole piece here (subscription required).