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The Blazers Should Unleash Trent Jr. in the New Year

CBS Sports NBA contributor James Herbert highlighted that the Trail Blazers need to give Gary Trent Jr. a larger role in 2021.

Sacramento Kings v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Third-year guard Gary Trent Jr. has started to carve out a significant role in the Trail Blazers’ 2020-21 rotation. According to CBS Sports NBA contributor James Herbert, the former Duke standout should receive even more run as the calendar turns to 2021.

Inside a CBS Sports feature that delivered a New Year’s resolution for each team, Herbert focused on the need for the Blazers to find more minutes for Trent.

Gary Trent Jr.’s spectacular shooting display against the Lakers on Monday wasn’t surprising based on his run in the bubble. His six measly minutes two days earlier was, though. When he gets over his hamstring issue, the Blazers need to find minutes for Trent however they can, even if it comes at the expense of respected veterans. Portland’s defense has been atrocious so far, largely because this roster doesn’t have a ton of two-way players who can tie lineups together like he does.

Following a head-scratching outing against the Rockets that featured just a six-minute appearance from Trent, the 21-year-old guard erupted for 28 points against the Lakers. Unfortunately, Trent also picked up a right calf strain with his 28 points in Los Angeles. It is unclear if Trent will be ready for action against the Warriors on Friday.

You can read the full team-by-team list of resolutions at CBS Sports.