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Exclusive Damian Lillard Colorway Debuts on NBA 2K Day

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The game, the shoe, The all comes at you at once on 2K Day!

Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Four Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Some NBA fans are into sneakers and kicks, some video games, and some just like Damian Lillard. In a real “you got your chocolate in my peanut butter then dipped it in caramel-infused nougat” moment, all three tastes converge today with a shoe-filled NBA 2K21 debut.

The video game has arrived on this, “2K Day” with Damian Lillard represented on the cover. But the 2K franchise and Adidas are also giving away an exclusive Dame 7 colorway for those who respond to their tweet with the appropriate hashtags. Whether you like shoes, the game, or Dame, this appears to be your big moment. The entry tweet is below.

(P.S. If you get the game, let us know how it is.)