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Lillard Catalogs The Disrespect That Fuels Him in “Chips”

Appearing on Draymond Green’s new Bleacher Report show, Portland’s point guard explains what is behind the chip on his shoulder.

Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Four Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Recently, the Portland Trail BlazersDamian Lillard appeared on Draymond Green’s new Bleacher Report show, “Chips.” Green opened up with a question regarding the apparent chip on Lillard’s shoulder, asking what it means to the Oakland native and where it came from. Lillard explained that every adverse experience feeds into his attitude, starting from childhood, where he was “always second to somebody.”

Lillard described how he spent a year on the bench during his high school career, and despite an excellent summer performance in AAU, he received no offers. After being drafted with the sixth pick out of Weber State, Lillard stated he felt he could have gone as high as second.

In discussing Lillard’s freshman campaign, Green revealed that he didn’t know how often Lillard had racked up Rookie of the Month, noting that it showed how long it took for Lillard to be a part of the conversation regarding Rookie of the Year. Regarding respect, Lillard had this to say: “The way I see people speak on my name sometimes — you know it’s almost like he’s a great player, but you know...But what?”

Asked about a championship, Lillard stated it was important for him to win it in Portland, as the value to the fanbase and the franchise is higher in Portland. To Lillard, even if he wins just one in Portland, it will mean more since the Blazers haven’t won a chip since 1977.

As always, Lillard is loyal to the soil in Rip City.