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NBA Revamps Combine Ahead of 2020 Draft

The combine, once held at a central location, will now take place in both team markets and virtually.

2018 NBA Draft Combine - Day 2

The 2020 NBA Draft Combine has been adjusted to take place in both team markets and virtually, the league announced Wednesday. The annual pre-draft event has usually been held in Chicago, serving as an up-close look at some of the top prospects in the nation. Combine activities will “take place in phases” starting on Sept. 28 and go through mid-November. The league outlined the in-person and virtual elements of this year’s combine in a press release:

NBA Draft Combine 2020 will give players the opportunity to participate in league and team interviews, both conducted via videoconference from Sept. 28 through Oct. 16. Players will also take part in an individual on-court program consisting of strength and agility testing, anthropometric measurements, shooting drills and a “Pro Day” video, all conducted in October at the NBA team facility nearest to a player’s home or interim residence. Medical testing and examinations will be performed by NBA-affiliated physicians in the same market.

Additionally, apps and online tools will be utilized to provide teams with data on prospects:

As part of the event’s innovative format, the NBA will incorporate HomeCourt, a mobile basketball training application that uses advanced machine learning and computer vision, to provide analytics and record the shooting evaluation portion of NBA Combine 2020 and for players to create a unique “Pro Day” video. The video, used to showcase a player’s skills, may feature only the individual player (and either a coach or trainer) and can be up to 45 minutes long. HomeCourt is developed by NEX Team, Inc., an NBA strategic partner.

Additionally, the NBA has expanded its use of “Combine HQ,” an online tool developed by Fusion Sport in its software platform Smartabase. An interactive online platform, Combine HQ provides NBA teams with a one-stop shop for scouting information gathered during the on-court portions of this year’s Combine. Using Combine HQ, NBA teams and scouts will be able to compare participating players to their peers, past Combine participants and current NBA players, and view detailed shot charts and statistics.

The NBA Draft is currently slated to take place on Wednesday, Nov. 18.