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Blazers Aiming to Increase 2020 Voter Turnout and Census Participation

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Joe Freeman of The Oregonian details the organization’s efforts surrounding the election and census.

Portland Trail Blazers v Boston Celtics Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers organization has embraced campaigns surrounding voter registration/turnout and census participation, as detailed by Joe Freeman of The Oregonian. This push has been spurred on by the NBA player protests against racial injustice that occurred near the end of August.

One of the organization’s focuses is on getting citizens to fill out the census in order to receive proper funding for communities across the state:

The most immediate push surrounds the 2020 census, which is due Sept. 30. With roughly two weeks remaining, less than 70% of Oregonians have completed census registrations, and the Blazers have reached out to work with the nonprofit We Count Oregon to encourage statewide participation. Complete census data is invaluable for a variety of reasons, ranging from the number of congressional representatives Oregon will be awarded to the amount of funding statewide communities will receive for everything from roads to schools over the next decade.

Additionally, the team has created resources and even a shirt to help increase voter participation:

They’ve dedicated a one-stop shop website for all things census and voting, and by visiting, you can check your voter registration status, sign up for election reminders and fill out the 2020 census. You can also buy a revamped version of Stotts’ T-shirt, with proceeds benefiting Next Up, a Portland-based nonprofit that encourages civic engagement and voting among young people with a goal to create a more equitable state.

You can read more about the Blazers’ civic engagement efforts here.