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Rodney Hood Discusses Injury Rehab, Giving Back to the Community

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Drew Kerekes of the Meridian Star caught up with Hood after he made a visit to his hometown.

Washington Wizards v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers wing Rodney Hood is in the process of rehabbing from the torn Achilles that he suffered in December 2019. Hood was unable to join Portland when play resumed at Disney World, but he has been seen getting reps in at the practice facility. On a visit back to his hometown of Meridian, Mississippi, Hood discussed his injury rehab with Drew Kerekes of the Meridian Star:

“I feel good,” Hood said. “I’m almost nine months in, and I’ll be ready to go for next season. I feel good about my progress so far.”

Hood knows it will take time to feel like himself again, but he admits that he misses basketball:

“That’s been the easy part for me, not thinking about it,” Hood said. “Obviously it’s going to take time. Even when I come back it’s going to take time for me to get back to being myself, but I miss basketball. I miss being out there, so I’m just trying to do everything possible to get back out there.”

Hood was in Mississippi to help donate school supplies at the local Boys & Girls Club, which is run by his father. He enjoyed the opportunity to give back to his community:

“I love coming back. It’s refreshing to see my family. I know they can’t always come out and see me play and see me throughout the year. I usually have my camp during this time. To see old faces, to give back to the kids and let them know I come from these same schools and streets, and they can make it out, too, that’s my biggest message to them. It’s good for them to see me up close and personal, too.”

You can read more about Hood’s journey home here.