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Protesters Briefly Block NBA Media Bus in Orlando

Tim Reynolds of the AP reports a demonstration at or near the NBA campus.

NBA Games Postponed Due To Player Protest Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Protesters briefly impeded a bus ferrying media around the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida tonight, according to Tim Reynolds of the AP. They chanted, “Black Lives Matter” and held signs asking Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James to “stand with” them.

Within two minutes of his initial tweet describing the situation, Reynolds reported that the protesters had let the bus through, so the delay was negligible.

Reynolds has not yet reported how the protesters came into the vicinity of the media bus, nor are there any reports of players being in the same area as, or even in view of, the demonstration.

We’ll update this post if any significant news happens around the incident. Due to the precarious nature of life in the Pacific Northwest right now, including accusations and rumors about protesting causing confusion, we’re going to stick to official media sources for this story, closing comments on this post and leaving it hear on a “for your information” basis.