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Former Blazers Center Meyers Leonard Surprised by Brother on TNT Broadcast

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Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard joined Friday’s edition of Inside the NBA and was surprised by a special message from his brother, Bailey.

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

In an appearance on Inside the NBA, Heat big man Meyers Leonard was surprised by a special appearance from his brother, Bailey. On the broadcast, that occurred on the 19-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks, the former Blazers reserve center shared a special moment with his brother, who served in the Marines.

Here is the clip from Friday’s interaction:

It has to be the smoke, because my eyes are watering.

In his first season with the Heat, Leonard was featured in 51 games (49 starts). Now in the Eastern Conference Finals, Miami will face Boston in hopes of advancing to the NBA Finals.