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2020 NBA Playoffs Play-In Schedule Announced

If necessary, the games for the 8th seed in the Western Conference will commence next weekend.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Portland Trail Blazers Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The schedule for the play-in games determining the Western Conference’s 8th seed in the 2020 NBA Playoffs has been announced. The conference will automatically have a play-in, as the Memphis Grizzlies lost to the Toronto Raptors today 108-99. It is not known yet which teams will participate in the event.

The first play-in game will be next Saturday at 11:30am, Pacific on ABC. The second is scheduled for 1:30pm, Pacific on Sunday, televised on ESPN, if necessary.

The team that finishes 8th after the conclusion of the restarted regular season will face the team that finishes 9th in an abbreviated play-in series. The 8th-place team needs to win only 1 of 2 games to claim the 8th seed officially. The 9th-place team would need to win both to earn the spot.

The Portland Trail Blazers are thick in the race for the 8th seed, competing with the Grizzles, Phoenix Suns, and San Antonio Spurs for the right to enter the playoffs bracket.