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Carmelo Anthony Says He Wants to Stay with Trail Blazers

The Portland forward indicates that he might not be done in the Rose City.

NBA: Playoffs-Portland Trail Blazers at Los Angeles Lakers Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of the Portland Trail Blazers’ first round loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, unrestricted free agent Carmelo Anthony has indicated that he regards Portland as a good fit and “prays” he can come to an agreement with the team next season.

In a televised post-game press conference, Anthony said he wasn’t considering retirement, adding how much he had appreciated being a part of Blazers organization, which let him be who he is.

“I consider myself already coming back, so it’s not even something I’ve thought about,” Anthony said.

“Whenever you find a situation that’s comfortable and allows you to be who you are, you want to stay in that situation, there’s no need to try different things.

“If we give ourselves a chance to keep this team together, get guys healthy, and get another run at it.”

While a number of factors will dictate what the Portland squad looks like next season, this is the most emphatic Anthony has been about his basketball future since joining the Blazers in November.

Terry Stotts also talked about his experience coaching the 36-year-old Anthony post game.

Anthony recorded averages of 15.4 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 58 regular-season appearances with the Blazers this season.