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LeBron James or Anthony Davis - Who Do the Blazers Need to Stop?

Kendyl Bennett joins Danny to break it down on the latest edition of the Blazer’s Edge podcast.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Portland Trail Blazers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, Danny Marang is joined by Kendyl Bennett to take a look at: Games 2 & 3 between the Lakers and Blazers, if the Blazers can slow down either LeBron James or Anthony Davis, lack of contributions outside Damian Lillard, whether or not the Hassan Whiteside-Jusuf Nurkic pairing is working, adjustments heading into Game 4 and more!


Opening comments

Intro 2:00

Starting Nurkic and Whiteside together 5:00

Evaluating Portland’s defense through 3 games 8:00

There isn’t a good answer for LeBron or Davis 10:00

Doubling Lebron is a bad idea 12:00

Why are 3rd quarters so bad? 15:00

Blazer’s open 3-point shooting needs to come back to normal now 18:00

Carmelo Anthony’s defense, coming at the expense of his offense? 20:00

Getting and keeping Nurkic involved and managing his minutes 26:00

Blazer’s defense is playing better- no really! 30:00

What is the Blazer’s best lineup to defend AD at the 5? 36:00

Blazer’s lack of transition offense needs to be offset by better transition defense 40:00

Adjustments for Game 4 44:00

Closing comments