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Get Your Damian Lillard Back-to-Back 50 Points T-Shirt

Celebrate Dame’s monumental accomplishment in style.

Update: Get your new “respect” tee hot off the presses!

Blazer’s Edge gets a commission for each shirt sold through our link.

50 Burgers Shirt

Damian Lillard has achieved all kinds of memorable milestones in his career with the Portland Trail Blazers. On August 11th he pushed the bar as high as it’s ever gone, pasting 61 points on the Dallas Mavericks while leading the Blazers to victory, completing a back-to-back 50+ point effort that put him in the company of NBA legends like Wilt Chamberlain.

You can commemorate this event, and show your love for Dame, with the Back-to-Back 50 Burger shirt from Breaking T. It’s simple, stylish, and part of the proceeds for each sale go to support Blazer’s Edge.

Take a look:

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