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Is Jusuf Nurkic a Top 5 Center?

Danny Marang and Steve Dewald discuss Nurkic’s rise on this week’s Blazer’s Edge podcast.

Portland Trail Blazers v Denver Nuggets Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, Danny Marang is joined by Steve Dewald to take a look at your questions about: the first 6 games in the bubble, red hot play of Gary Trent Jr, the disappointment of Zach Collins’ inconsistency, and if Jusuf Nurkic is a Top 5 center.



Opening comments

What is the best excuse to miss a COVID test? - DeAndre Ayton 2:00

First week of Blazers basketball in the bubble 4:00

Mailbag Questions

Why has Gary Trent Jr. been the most impressive? 5:00

Damian Lillard and a 50-piece 7:00

Grading on a curve in the bubble? 7:30

Gary Trent Jr. and a superstar-level growth 9:30

The difference between a building block & a core piece? 12:30

Value on the defensive end 15:30

How does GTJ’s emergence impact Rodney Hood, Trevor Ariza & Carmelo Anthony? 18:30

Does Carmelo Anthony return next year? 20:00

What kind of contract could GTJ get? 24:30

Who’s been the bigger disappointment in the bubble: Zach Collins or Hassan Whiteside? 25:30

The Blazers have to see Collins play and know what they are going to do going forward 28:00

Measuring Collins’ development on a different curve and what could hold him back 29:00

Could you see the Blazers losing to the Nets? 36:00

Impressions of Jusuf Nurkic’s first 6 games 37:00

Nurkic and better conditioning 40:00

Is Jusuf Nurkic a Top 5 center? 42:00

Will the Blazers make the playoffs? 46:00

Closing comments