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Lillard Approached for Super Team

Former Blazer Earl Watson reports that Damian Lillard called him this summer to discuss his options.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Portland Trail Blazers Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, former Trail Blazer and Phoenix Suns head coach Earl Watson said that Damian Lillard called him the summer Lillard signed his supermax extension, claiming the star point guard was approached about joining a super team.

Watson said that Lillard — who signed a four-year $196 million dollar supermax last summer — called the former NBA veteran about being approached. When Watson asked Lillard what he wanted to do, Lillard minced no words.

Watson — who played in Portland during the 2013-14 season — said that decisions like this show Lillard’s character.

Watson also touched on how Lillard’s story relates to Devin Booker in terms of the analytical approach to basketball and more. You can read all the tweets here.