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Damian Lillard: Blazers Capable of Anything in Orlando

Damian Lillard tells Chris Haynes the Blazers have the ability to do anything in the playoffs: they just need to snare the eighth seed first.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Portland Trail Blazers Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

After a hectic few days for the Portland Trail Blazers, Damian Lillard spoke with TNT and Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes to discuss the point guard’s recent social media disagreements and the the team’s playoff propects.

In response to a Haynes question about the Blazers potentially being a “championship team” this year, Lillard said:

“I think anything could happen right now and I think we’re capable of doing it. There’s no home court, there’s no fans, the environment is just different, it has a different dynamic to it.”

“Because all of those things I feel like we really have a chance, we just got to get in and then I think anything goes and anything can happen.”

“Our team is fighting for it right now. We’ve put ourselves in a position to control our own destiny and I love our fight, I love that we’re here to accomplish something and everyone’s committed to that.”

Lillard also put a bow on his post-game banter with Clippers players Paul George and Patrick Beverley after missing two late free throws in Saturday’s loss.

“I’m not above failling or coming up short and it happened in that moment. Teams are going to be hyped about it, teams are going to talk trash, but it turned into a taunt to me when they started tapping their wrists and waving way after the fact.”

“So when I was asked about it, I was like shots being fired in my direction, I’m going to fire back fast.”

“I saw that PG said you could be going home this year, which is also true, but that’s what we’re here for, to see how that’s going to play out.”

He said he wasn’t thinking about squaring off with the Clippers in the playoffs, instead focused on getting the eighth seed and, if successful, taking on the Lakers.

“I’m not ‘I want play this person or that person’, we don’t have the luxury of doing that. We’re trying to earn a spot and that’s all I’m focused on.