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Rasheed Wallace vs. NBA Referees

SB Nation’s latest installment of ‘Beef History’ covers the Trail Blazers forward’s crusade against NBA officials.

SUPERSONICS-TRAILBLAZERS Photo credit should read DAN LEVINE/AFP via Getty Images

SB Nation has examined Rasheed Wallace’s crusade against NBA referees in the latest installment of “Beef History.” Trail Blazers fans are familiar with the battle:

Fair or not, Sheed detected, and sought to call out, bias among the NBA’s refs. He’s far from the only person to suggest that refs get emotional, play favorites, or bring ulterior motives to the court. He is, however, one of the players to make that point on the court. He made it consistently and boldly, and in a way that drew extra ire from the very refs he accused of targeting him.

In short, this was a crusade that turned a typically-tense relationship into outright beef. While he played, it was Sheed vs. Basically Every Ref. And even in retirement, Wallace is not done fighting that battle.

Watch the video below:

Wallace received 317 technical fouls in his NBA career, including a record 41 techs in the 00-01 season, breaking his record of 38 set the previous season.