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NBA Reveals Guidelines for Late Arrivals to the Bubble

A report from ESPN’s Malika Andrews details the NBA’s guidelines for players that arrive to the bubble late.

NBA Restart 2020 - Setup Shots Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

NBA teams start traveling to the Orlando-based restart in the coming week and the league has revealed its guidelines for players that will not arrive on schedule. ESPN’s Malika Andrews highlighted the league’s plan for late arrivals earlier this weekend.

According to the report from Andrews, players can utilize three out-of-pocket modes of travel. Outside of travel arrangements, players that arrive late must produce a series of negative coronavirus tests.

If a player misses a scheduled coronavirus test in the two days prior to the team’s departure date — or has “extenuating circumstances” that have been disclosed to the league — he must arrange his own travel to join his team as the league restarts its season. The player has the option of flying on a charter flight at the player’s expense, traveling by car, or flying commercial, the memo said. If a player flies privately or drives, he will have to have two negative test results before resuming basketball activities. If he flies commercially, the player must have three consecutive negative test results, according to the memo.

The Trial Blazers’ first scrimmage against another team is scheduled for July 23 and they will play their first game on July 31.

You can read the full report from Andrews at ESPN.