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Blazers Video: Breaking Down Nurkic-Sabonis Similarities

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Trail Blazers commentator Lamar Hurd joins digital reporter Casey Holdahl to break down the similarities that Arvydas Sabonis shares with Jusuf Nurkic.

Arvydas Sabonis takes the ball up Photo by: Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

The Trail Blazers have fielded two highly-skilled European centers in the last 30 years in Jusuf Nurkic and Arvydas Sabonis. With that in mind, the Trail Blazers media team put together a video that analyzes how the two big men exploit weaknesses in opposing defenses.

Here is the six-minute video of Casey Holdahl and Lamar Hurd commenting on the highlight package that features both Nurkic and Sabonis:

One major theme in the video: both big fellas could thread the needle on passes into the interior. When looking at their own ability to score, Hurd and Holdahl discussed how both players use their size to create space for crafty moves in the paint.

Nurkic ended his year-long injury absence earlier this week in a scrimmage matchup against the Pacers. Last season, through 72 contests, Nurkic averaged 15.6 points and 10.4 rebounds per game.