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Melo’s Year Away Prepared Him for Life Inside the NBA’s Bubble

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The Ringer’s Paolo Uggetti highlighted how Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony’s recent experience helped him prepare for the NBA’s restart.

Portland Trail Blazers v Indiana Pacers Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony had endured a year-long absence from NBA basketball prior to joining the Trail Blazers in November. According to the 36-year-old star, that time away from the game has strengthened his mental toughness. Anthony is now calling on that experience as the Blazers prepare for their eight-game restart schedule.

The Ringer’s Paolo Uggetti highlighted Anthony’s thoughts on how his year away prepared him for life inside the NBA’s bubble.

“I’ve been isolated for a year and a half,” Anthony said. “I know what that feeling is like because I isolated myself away from the game. That has prepared me for a situation like this.”

Anthony went on to explain that the drastic lifestyle change will trigger a wide range of reactions from each player.

“The way I perceive this and the way that a younger player in this league will perceive it will be totally different,” Anthony said. “This is going to be a stressful situation for everybody. Everybody’s gonna be tested mentally, everybody will be tested emotionally.”

You can read Uggetti’s full story on the mental health inside the NBA’s bubble at The Ringer.