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Blazers’ Scrimmage Schedule to Feature Reduced Minutes

In an effort to reduce the workload placed upon teams and players, the NBA’s scrimmage schedule features reduced quarter lengths.

2020 NBA Restart - All Access Practice Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The Trail Blazers’ upcoming scrimmage schedule will feature a minutes reduction according to AP’s Tim Reynolds. In the report from the AP, it was revealed that the NBA has decided to cut each quarter length by two minutes in an effort to reduce the strain on teams with less-than-full rosters in Orlando.

The NBA is tweaking the rules for those initial matchups, going with 10-minute quarters instead of the usual 12 minutes. The change is for several reasons — among them, not wanting to overly tax players after they went more than four months without games, and because some teams do not have their full rosters at Walt Disney World yet because of coronavirus and other issues.

Outside of reduced quarter lengths, the NBA is also working with teams to decide on apparel for the upcoming scrimmages.

The league is still working on some of the specifics for the first games, even whether to give teams the option of wearing uniforms or practice gear. Most teams, as of Saturday, were still planning to wear their usual regular-season uniforms for all three of their exhibitions — the new jerseys featuring social justice messaging will not debut until the seeding games that count begin July 30.

The Blazers first scrimmage contest is set for this coming Thursday against the Pacers. All of Portland’s games will be broadcast on NBC Sports Northwest.

Following three scrimmage games, the Blazers face the Grizzlies on July 31 to start their eight-game schedule.