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Orlando Bubble Could Forge NBA’s Next Super Team

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Yahoo Sports NBA analyst Vincent Goodwill spoke with a coach and agent about the possibility of a super team forming during the Orlando restart.

Miami Heat v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by Jordan Johnson/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA’s restart in Orlando has placed a plethora of major stars in close quarters. Regardless of the isolation guidelines in place on the Disney campus, at least one unnamed NBA coach believes that the ingredients that are needed for the formation of another star-studded super team are present.

Yahoo Sports NBA contributor Vincent Goodwill highlighted that coach’s thoughts earlier this week.

“The next super team will come out of this,” he told Yahoo Sports. “I believe it’s inevitable.”

The coach went on to explain that they don’t believe players are in Orlando to recruit, but they admitted that the opportunity is there for players.

“I walk into my hotel, I see [All-Star player] in the lobby,” he said. “We’re on the elevator, I get off on one floor, he’s on another. If I knew him like that and wanted to meet up with him, I could. We could golf, we could fish. There’s so much to do in the downtime, the league can’t police that stuff.”

Goodwill also spoke with prominent agent that highlighted that players from across the league have grown closer since the NBA’s hiatus began in March. Due to frequent communication that has likely carried over to the bubble, the agent expects that new bonds will form.

“All these guys, they’ve been forced to have all these conversations about social justice, racism. What it means to be Black. And now it’s snowballed to where these guys have developed significant bonds with one another, when before, they only knew each other in passing,” he told Yahoo Sports.

“And now, you’re on this campus, it feels like an AAU thing. Misery loves company. You see these guys every day. There’s only so many people you can talk to.”

You can read Goodwill’s full story on the prospect of to-be-formed super teams at Yahoo Sports.